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Portable Air Conditioner with Mosquito Net

Item No:CFBM-4201

Technical Parameters of Air Conditoner:

  • -Product Size:L460 * W285 * H230 mm
  • -Rated Voltage/Frequency: 190-250V ~ 50Hz/60Hz
  • -Refrigerating Capacity:950W
  • -Refrigeration Rated Working Condition: Power:360W  Current:1.5A
  • -Maximum Input Power:440W Maximum Input Current:2.3A
  • -Start Up Power=220V * 5.5A =1210 W
  • -Circulation Air Volume: 80M3/H
  • -Noise <38db(A)
  • -Refrigerant: R134a/120grams
  • -Net Weight of Unit Air Conditioner:12.5KGS

Not Just Another

Portable Air Conditioner

In some developing countries,the weather and temperature is very hot and humid.
Besides,mosquitoes are everywhere,it makes people difficult to fall in sleep.
Our product Portable Air Conditioner With Mosquito Net perfectly solve this problem.
  • -Compact Shape and Light weight makes it easy to transfer or move to anywhere.
  • -Competitive Price is afforable in developing countries
  • -Combined with a Mosquito Net,which stop all the tiresome mosquitoes out.
  • -Ultra Low Daily Electricity Using Cost.The machine just need to cool down the air inside mosquito net(around 6 cubic meter),no need to cool down the whole room. 

Powerful Compressor

Rapid Cooling

Ultra Low Daily Using Electricity Cost

Long Life Using

Rapid Cooling

Low Noise

Put It Anywhere You Need

Product Size: L455mm x W285mm x H195mm

Net Weight: 12.5KGS

Compact Shape and Light Weight makes it easy to transfer or move to anywhere.

Useful Features

Detachable Filter Screen

Cyclic cooling window is installed with a detachable filter screen,which can stop small bugs and dust outside of machine.

Besides,it is very easy for cleaning!

Night Reading Lamp

You can turn on/off by touch panel or remote controll.


It is very convinient to read something or look for some items when you are inside the mosquito net during the dark night.

2.0A Quick Charging USB

When you are having fun with your cell phone/pad,worrying about low battery ?

2.0A quick charging USB can solve this problem,and you can stay in the mosquito net,enjoying the cool air and entertainments from your cell phone/pad.

Mosquito Net Features

Designed for 2 Portable AC

Anti-Mosquito Air Hole On Top

Triple Zippers For Easy Entry

Easy Install by Glass Fiber Stand+P.P Tee Tubes