One Stop Solution Service

We understand that the world business changes constantly.

Our customers need more than just specific products and they need complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions.

Base on long time working experiences in sourcing and first-hand intelligence from our suppliers,NAMJAG BARWA LTD combine industry, operational and technology skills with relevant proprietary and other assets in order to tailor solutions for each client’s
individual challenges.

Our Advantages

Local Government Policy is the first important thing global business will face. We work with different law firms and and learn up to date local policies from them.
As it is known to all,sometimes we can not trust official data and information. Intelligence from the experienced/skilled experts who are working inside the same industries is the most precious and reliable thing. We work with the expert organizations to get first-hand intelligence from different industries.
We work as a bridge between our customers and suppliers.Daily communication will generate a framework of “What Customers/Suppliers Want To Do”. We combine customers/suppliers’ ideas with relevant elements in same industry and will know the rough trend direction.
Combine business capabilities with upstream and downstream industry chains,we maintain good relationship with the members of the industry chains.

We provide fatastic design services from the ever beginning to get the perfect product, a lot manufacture factories for your option to finish Fabrication,Assembly and all products’ function testing……etc.